Microsoft buys Minecraft, next Simon the Sorcerer video up

So the big news of this week is Microsoft officially buying Minecraft. Now I’m weary of this for the sole reason of micro transactions. That is my main concern, especially with Microsoft putting so many of them into Xbox One games. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate micro transactions. I think they’re evil, as is any content already created put behind a paywall. It’s why I will boycott certain games.

Now I’m not a Minecraft player yet, and my main gripe with the PC version is that it uses Java. If Microsoft changes the code to something more secure, but leaves everything else as is, then I’m okay with that and might actually pick it up.

Since no one really knows what their plan is just yet, we all just have to wait and hope for the best. I don’t hate Minecraft, I’m interested in playing it for the build anything aspect (I love LEGO, so that may be why).

Another thing to announce is my tweet got favorited by @StoryBeasts, so I checked out who they were. Turns out they’re making a new Simon the Sorcerer game! So go check it out if you’re interested and follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

My video is late simply because I got sick and then got busy with other stuff. But the next video will be posted Monday or Tuesday (I’m gonna aim for Monday though, to get back on track). Check it out below, it’s shorter, but I think I like the 15-20 minute mark so I’m going to try to keep them in that length if I can.



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