Internal Invasion: An “Anti” Virus Game – Review

So I got this 2014 indie game for free to check out on the Wii U. I got about halfway through the levels and look forward to the rest. It is published by Bear Box Media and this is their debut game.

Internal Invasion is a physics and gravity based game similar to ones like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, while still remaining original. You play a micro-sized robot named Ro-bert, traveling inside a body via mini cannons to defeat a virus. Your objective is to collect as many pills as you can while getting through the goal at the end of the level. The scoring is based on a par system, so it’s easy to tell how you rank after completing a level. There are three pills to collect and you get one pill for being under par (the number in the left hand corner) and one pill for reaching goal within the time limit. As you go on, there are more obstacles in your way, making it more difficult to get a perfect score. The game also has “boss levels” where you have to quickly escape to the goal.

I noticed a slight frame rate drop whenever a level is loaded, but it really didn’t bother the gameplay. The graphics are simple with 2d sprites and 3d cel-shaded objects that work well together. The music is laidback and ambient, and enjoyable to listen to.

Altogether, it’s a nice game to play a few levels of before firing up another Wii U game, or to relax between games. I do enjoy it in short bursts, and it also has that “just one more level” feel to it. All in all, it’s a decent puzzle game that’s deceptively hard if you want to gain 5 pills on every level.

I’d recommend it to fans of physics-based games, puzzle games and casual games. Right now this game is only Wii U as far as I know, but it will be making its way on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Tizen.

Special thanks to #GamesMatter and @IndieGameChick on Twitter for providing me a download code!


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