A Mid-November Update

So I’ve been sick since Thursday. I’m still recovering; I haven’t been able to actually do anything until Monday afternoon, so that sucked. As a result, my recording schedule and uploading schedule has been completely screwed up.

I can’t exactly say when my next video will go up because that simply depends on how quickly my body heals. However, I definitely want to get back into a regular posting schedule. I won’t post more than one video a day though. I’ll just continue on from where the last episode left off and not try to make up for lost time, even if it means the LP takes longer for me to finish.

It’s not a huge problem though; I know exactly when LLTQ will end and other videos will go in its place. Perhaps this will be a new series, perhaps they’ll be one shots, specials, discussions or what not. I can tell you all now that there is a special Thanksgiving video going up next Wednesday, the 26th. It’s not recorded yet, but I’m sure my voice will be back before then.

I have several ideas of new LPs I want to do, including a more ambitious project that is still being worked on. I hope to unveil that project next month, but being sick did set it back. So it may not happen until January. I’m trying to decide if that might actually be good though, because then it’ll be after the holidays.

My booktube video attempt was super embarrassing to me so I scrapped it. Instead, I’ll just do written book reviews here as I get them written, and then try again in the New Year, possibly. I’m still deciding if I really want to do that. I’m far more comfortable off camera and really want to just work on improving my commentary and doing more discussions. I’m enjoying myself regardless and I hope whoever watches my videos will continue enjoying what I put out and what will come in the future.

I also just want to say thanks for reading my blog, chatting with me on Twitter, and checking out my videos!


About Zi (Bookish Gamer)

Gamer, Reader, Blogger, Youtuber. I love stories of every kind, but tend to stick towards Fantasy and YA as a whole when it comes to books.

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