December Update

It’s December! Wow…and we’re 7 days in already and only read a graphic novel so far. I finally picked Sabriel back up, so hopefully I’ll get it finished this month. I have a few other graphic novels to read, since they’re due back to the library soon.

I’ve been playing Smash Bros Wii U, and picked up SMT IV again after finishing Professor Layton 5. I’ve also finished my Let’s Play for Long Live the Queen, so go check that out if you haven’t!

Anyways, I have some news to share! First I want to say, look out for Wednesday’s video. It’ll be my holiday-themed video where I’ll talk about favorite Christmas/Winter themed books and games, and you’ll learn about my giveaway! I hope people will sign up for my giveaway; I’m really excited about the game I’ll be gifting to a random winner.

Next, we’re getting close to the point where I’ll have to decide my next Let’s Play. I’m thinking of doing a newer game, but haven’t settled completely on which one yet. I’d love to do a console game, but I’m still working out logistics to do that. So we’ll see. But before then, I have a haul video coming. It actually should have been posted a while ago, but… I’ve been both busy and a little lazy when it comes to that.

Still working on Simon The Sorcerer 2, which will probably wrap up at the end of the month or beginning of January. That’s my guess.

Another thing is that I’ll be adding a new page to this blog, sharing pictures of my crazy dog Sandie. 😀 She sleeps in various funny ways, so if you like dogs, check out Sandie’s Corner. I’ll add that this week. Alright, well I’m going to get some more reading done before Once Upon a Time starts. Have a great day!


About Zi (Bookish Gamer)

Gamer, Reader, Blogger, Youtuber. I love stories of every kind, but tend to stick towards Fantasy and YA as a whole when it comes to books.

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