2015 Resolutions and Goals

It’s that time again, as we close this year and welcome a new one, full of hope, possibility and a bit of reflection.

I’m going to break this up into sections for reading, writing, and youtube. In case you don’t know, I like to dabble in writing; for many years it was a passion of mine. I lost the way a bit as the work I had been doing completely sapped me of creativity, so I quit this year. But I do hope that 2015 leads me back to fiction, and I have goals reflecting that as you will read. So without further adieu, here are my lists.

Reading Goals

– Read 30 Books. This is the same goal I had for 2014, but failed as I only managed half that. I know this number seems pitifully small compared to almost every other book blogger, but it is a realistic one for me. Unfortunately, I read at a snail’s pace. It sucks. I used to read faster, getting 30-40 pages an hour, but now I only manage half of that. So you can imagine. Reading is hard for me, but I still love it!

– Listen to more audiobooks. This will surely help me “read” more, and I discovered them this year. My problem is that at the moment, I have no super portable way to listen (only have a Kindle Fire HD 7 to listen on, no smartphone), so this is still quite the time commitment. I would like to set the reasonable goal of 5 though.

-Write and COMPLETE book reviews to share on the blog/goodreads. I started a couple in the past and then never finished them >.<. I have good notes for a Sabriel review though so I’m planning a vlog review for that as well as written! Hopefully it will be that way for all 2015 books.

Writing Goals

-Join Write All Year (haven’t yet, but decided I will as it is NOT a commitment to write every day, but to write more consistently each month and you set the monthly goal. That I can do).

-Write the story for my unannounced project, to start in February. So that means about 10-20K words in January.

-Do NaNoWriMo this year! I’m actually going to make time for it, or it least have that on my mind that I will do it.

-Write a novel this year. Or at least multiple drafts? I realize that’s the point of NaNo lol, but I’d like a completed manuscript with one of my ideas.

Youtube/Blog Goals

-Consistently upload 3 times a week.

-Get ahead in videos to actually schedule them.

-Take advantage of time I have for recording to do multiple recordings at once. (especially important, with my tendency towards sickness and a problematic throat)

-Write at least 3 posts a week.

Life Goals

-Walk every day I’m able to! I seriously need to walk more.

-Be more organized in planning and general organization.

-Take care of my health this year. That’s a big thing, and health is pretty much gonna be my word for 2015.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve reflected on what I want to achieve and what can be achieved realistically. Slightly challenging in my current situation, and once it changes for the better, these goals will probably be no problem at all. So I’m writing these goals based on the situation that could change as early as Feb or March; but better to do that then write goals based on something that hasn’t yet happened.

Also, in case you missed it, check out my two haul videos for some cool stuff I picked up this year. I hope to do more in the new year, though not sure if I like them yet…what’s your opinion on haul videos?


About Zi (Bookish Gamer)

Gamer, Reader, Blogger, Youtuber. I love stories of every kind, but tend to stick towards Fantasy and YA as a whole when it comes to books.

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