Bout of Books 12 Wrap Up

I was NOT successful with this read-a-thon. Unlike the last time I participated in one, my brain had other ideas (no thank you, mental health issues…).

Anyways, so even though I had that and another round of insomnia to deal with, I did manage to read a grand total of 81 pages for the week. That probably sounds like hardly anything for most of you, but at least that’s a sizable chunk of my current read.

To bring you all up to date, this is my current read, though I’m debating whether to keep with it or not.

Dead Iron (Age of Steam, #1)

I was so excited to read it, it was calling to me, but… I overhyped it in my mind :/. It reminds me of the show Supernatural, but in the 1800s and with only one brother. My favorite character in the book isn’t even the “main character” or anyone to the main character, at least not up to this point, and I’m nearly a third of the book in if you count today’s reading. There’s 3 (sometimes 4) different perspectives, with POV switching nearly every chapter which kind of annoys me. After 100 pages, I still don’t know the reason for it and almost nothing has actually happened… Pretty much the setting is the best part at the moment. There’s nothing unique about these characters so I can’t get myself to care about them. This also probably did not help my Bout of Books experience. It’s just been a let down :(. But my mind is saying “well, it’s not horrible…so you should keep reading.” Therefore, dilemma. It’s how I feel about some TV shows that I keep watching, the difference is that at least watching those takes less time. I mean, I still find it fun, but I’m not wanting to grab it when I get the chance.

Also, the book constantly makes me think of the Wild Wild West movie that Will Smith starred it. This is not good, as that movie was a mess. This was a random pick up at Half Price Books, having never heard of it or the author, just being attracted to the title and words on the cover (not the man, he’s not that attractive to me). I’m not sure I will read her work again, unless recommended to me. I think maybe I’ll try until page 150 to decide whether to keep reading or not. Which means I’ll probably decide that tomorrow, though it saddens me too. I really don’t want my first read of 2015 to be a DNF book! :/

Yes, I could have finished the audio book I have on the backburner, but when I have weeks like this, music is my go to. So I listened to a lot of music, but that doesn’t count.

Hopefully everyone else had much success and thoroughly enjoyed their reads. I kind of can’t wait to get to my next book, which I’ve decided will be Lailah by Nikki Kelly.


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Gamer, Reader, Blogger, Youtuber. I love stories of every kind, but tend to stick towards Fantasy and YA as a whole when it comes to books.

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