Amulet Vol 1: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi Review

Amulet, Vol. 1: The Stonekeeper (Amulet, #1)

I’d heard many things about this graphic novel series through watching videos from various booktubers last year, and when I heard people comparing it to Miyazaki I knew I HAD to read it. I was able to find it on Overdrive from my library, so I put it on hold and waited.

This was the first graphic novel I ever read on my Kindle Fire HD, and I’ve got to say I really like it for them. Of course, I do prefer bound copies, but the graphic novel on the kindle was just perfect. Anyway, let’s get into what really matters, shall we?

Plot: I did not expect to get teary right at the very beginning, but then we continue on and get to the main storyline of these two kids who end up in an old family home filled with secrets; and one of these secrets leads them into a whole new world ala Narnia, only darker. There are friends to be found though, in the form of robots built by their great-grandfather, and the real adventure begins. I felt reminded of Spirited Away, though I can’t really pinpoint why; perhaps it’s the weird creatures, though they don’t resemble No Name in the slightest. I definitely felt that it was inspired by Miyazaki in style and plot, but being that I absolutely love Studio Ghibli, it was great for me.

Characters: I adore the bunny character! His name is Miskit and I found him to be fun to read about. He’s pretty much the one in charge, leading the other robots and protecting the two kids. As for Emily herself, the older sister trying to find and save her mother while keeping an eye on her little brother, she’s a good kid. I’m sure there will be more character development as the series goes on (there are 6 volumes out now, with 3 more coming in the future).

As soon as I finished the book, I immediately put holds on the next two. I’m eagerly waiting for them to pop up on my Kindle; I check my library app regularly in anticipation! If you love gorgeous art, a strong story that will have you both teary and smiling, and cute characters that would fit right into the Studio Ghibli world, this graphic novel is for you. A 5 star read!

Update: Since writing this review, my holds came in! I’ll be reading them shortly, but there won’t be formal reviews on them in order to avoid spoilers. You can see how many stars I give them on Goodreads though, but I have high hopes that they will be just as wonderful. 🙂


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