Quick Bout of Books Update and Challenge #3

So it’s been a sorry start to Bout of Books 13, as I’ve ended up being productive in all other ways AND joined a class so been busy with that as well. So these are sad numbers but here they are:

Day 1=8 pages

Day 2=31 pages

Hopefully tonight I can get at least 50 in (but I’m also distracted by shiny games so…the struggle)! Ah well, at least there’s the weekend in which I’m determined to do at least 100 a day. I’ll be happy with 50 though (I have no idea what my plans will be, so gotta keep it somewhat open).

Today’s challenge is hosted by Kristina Horner and it’s a haiku based on your current read. My current read is The Winner’s Curse, I’m 86 pages in right now.

Kestrel buys a slave,

He hates the Valorians,

But love soon will bloom?

This was harder than I thought lol. I had to take some time to think about it because of the syllable restriction. Anyways, hope everyone else is getting some good reading in!


About Zi (Bookish Gamer)

Gamer, Reader, Blogger, Youtuber. I love stories of every kind, but tend to stick towards Fantasy and YA as a whole when it comes to books.

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