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This is Halloween, Everyone Scream

Happy Halloween, readers!

I wanted to do a Halloween-themed video but my recording software and current computer were giving me issues, making this impossible. So I thought I’d write a blog post instead.
I love this day mostly for the fun of pumpkins and costumes. I don’t have a costume for this year and honestly haven’t dressed up in awhile, but I do enjoy seeing them. As a kid, I would watch Hocus Pocus on TV every year and it’s still a great movie. In recent years, I’ve taken to listening to the “This is Halloween” song from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I never really played any games specifically related to the holiday, other than casual games, but this year I bought Costume Quest and I’m excited to get started on that tonight. This game seems adorable; it’s on sale now for $2.99 at so check it out! The second game just came out as well.

As for books, I’m not into the horror genre quite so much as I was when I was a kid. I have quite a few perfect Halloween reads in my collection, but just haven’t gotten around to reading them AT Halloween time (to be perfectly honest, I haven’t gotten around to reading them, period). However, this year with #ReadingCram, I did get one scary story read and am on my second (though it’s far less scary, more like a mystery/adventure with some possibly creepy elements? Need to read more).

So do you have a Halloween tradition that you like to do? Whether it’s certain music, movies, shows, books or games, I want to hear about it! Leave a comment below; feel free to recommend stuff you love. 😀


Shut The Box Review

Shut The Box is an indie title from RCMadiax, which I received through #GamesMatter. It’s a short and casual game based on the traditional pub game of the same name. The traditional game will have a single row of tiles 1 through 9 though some go to 12; this digital version has three rows of 1-9. The goal of this version is to get all the tiles off the screen by rolling dice and removing tiles that add up to their sum.

Shut The Box has that addictive quality that will keep you trying to make it. Once you’ve gotten all the tiles except for the last 1-6 on the screen, you drop to one dice roll; all other times you get two dice. This makes it a luck-based game. The interface is colorful and simple. It really is basic, with not much else to it. It does what it’s meant to do; the game just doesn’t add much flair. For the budget price of 99 cents, I’d recommend it if you have a spare buck (actually, it’s currently on sale for 69 cents).

I haven’t yet succeeded in a perfect game, though I have made it down to a single tile. I’ll keep trying, and I’ll enjoy it along the way. The rounds are really quick, and I’ve had fun playing it in between other games. Of course, I’m not sure it’ll be one I keep coming back to over time; but I can say that about my regular playing cards as well. Similar to Solitaire, it’s a good game to pass the time.

Another RCMadiax title I got the pleasure to play was Poker Dice Solitaire Future, which I liked even more. That review will be coming shortly!

Second Round of Mutator Sale

Second round of the Mutator sale began today and lasts through tomorrow.

In this round some of the games available are:
Dust: An Elysian Tail, Trine 2 Complete Story, Shadowrun Returns, Overlord + Raising Hell, Driftmoon, Divinity games, Sacred Gold and more.

The Mutator titles received by people include Tower of Guns, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Syndicate Wars, Smugglers V, Shelter, Unrest SE and In Cold Blood.

It would have been nice to get Shelter, but I didn’t. I think yesterday’s mutator titles were better, but the sale titles were great. Still, there’s plenty to satisfy most people. Also, you do not have to purchase mutator titles if you don’t wish to, so you can simply take advantage of the sale; the one caveat is that you must purchase 3 titles at a time per transaction.’s Huge Mutator Sale Event

So first off, yesterday I learned about GOG’s Mutator sale. It’s a great way to get some games for real cheap. I spent less than $15 both times. You pick 3 games out of the list, and then buy additional mystery titles for $2 each, up to three times.

The first time around I bought Long Live The Queen, Sword of the Stars: The Pit, and the expansion DLC to The Pit.

Mystery titles I received from that round were: Blackwell Bundle (a cool indie adventure game), Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav (pretty but, not sure), and Wing Commander 1+2 (meh).

I tried again today, buying Two Worlds, The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles.

Mystery titles received today were: Capitalism 2 (Ok, looks like fun), Legend of Grimrock (one I wanted!), and Eador Genesis (looks great).

Definitely check it out if you like big sales like this. This round of titles is only available for the next few hours; it ends tomorrow. Then there will be new titles at discount prices and a new batch of titles for the mystery ones. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. This lasts through the weekend, with each new round lasting 48 hours.

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