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The ABC’s of Favorite Video Games! The Letter “D”

So, since I love a lot of games that start with D, this one was tricky… I have two series from my past that I have great memories of, two newer games, and one under the radar game that I wish had more attention. Honestly D could have been broken down to genres but we don’t have time for that. So let’s get to it!

Diablo was my introduction to online multiplayer and I spent a large portion of middle school playing the first game online with my friend. It was awesome to me, and I had many characters. Every time we summoned a skeleton, we’d name it Fred. We also cheated when we learned how to dupe, so our characters were super rich. It was just loads of fun to destress from life and chat while fighting demons in the catacombs. Then when Diablo 2 came out, it was years before I could play. At that point I was already with my boyfriend who became my husband, and so there’s some nice memories of playing co-op together. I have yet to play 3, but would like to.

Dungeon Siege was one of my first online games I played with my best friend so it also holds lots of good memories. I introduced this one to my husband and we started playing together but never finished. It’s very similar to Diablo so it’s no surprise I love them both.

For newer games, Dragon Quest Builders became an instant favorite when I bought it for the Switch. It’s a good game to relax with and I love playing it handheld. Though a spin-off, it’s my first Dragon Quest game technically, since I only played DQ9 for maybe 2 hours (and yes, I do plan on going back to it, along with 5, 7 and 8, all of which I own. Backlog is massive!). There’s just something really addictive about Builders.

Dust: An Elysian Tail really impressed me on every level and I’m still blown away by the fact that it was made by a single person. It was among the first games bought on GOG and I loved everything about it. It’s deep, gorgeous, has stunning music, has a lot of soul, a lot of heart, and I think everyone should try it out. If you like indie games, it is simply a masterpiece.

For my honorable mention, Drakan: Order of the Flame wowed younger me when I learned I could have a dragon friend and ride it. Seriously, that was just the coolest thing to me as I love dragons. This was one of the first games to do this (to the best of my knowledge), as dragon riding wasn’t really a thing, and even now it remains rare. I haven’t played the sequel, and the PS2 versions are difficult to find, but hopefully copyright issues can be worked out for a remake someday.

I could list so many more, like Duke Nukem 1 and 2, Donkey Kong, etc, but like I said, I had to narrow it down. What are some of your favorite D games?


What I want to see in a Nintendo Direct

Although a rumor went around that there would be a Direct on Jan. 11th, that still has yet to be confirmed (Although there are definite teasers now, as NOA just posted a picture of Chibi Robo on fire…). However, I thought I’d do a general “what I’d like to see announced” during the course of this year, whether that is now or later (I will probably do an E3 specific one later).

So what do I want to see from Nintendo this year? Well they certainly gave us a lot in 2017, and things I wanted were announced to come this year such as Kirby and Yoshi, there’s still more I want. Isn’t that just the way of things? Without further ado, here’s the list:

Animal Crossing! I know this is unlikely with the recent release of Pocket Camp, but it’s been years since a main console title in the series. It would be the best yet due to the nature of Switch.

F-Zero! Only because I’m STILL waiting and hoping for a new entry. It’s been way too long and would be epic with today’s graphics. I love eye candy.

Golden Sun. Highly unlikely after the 3rd game, but a fan can still hope, right?

Wave Race would be cool.

A new IP as those are always welcome.

More third party titles, both indie and big titles.

A physical copy of Style Savvy: Styling Star. Why not the US??

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Of course I want more info/gameplay on the games already announced for this year, and games in development (like hints of the upcoming Etrian Odyssey, and SMT 5).

What games are on your desired wish list for a Direct?

E3 2017: Thoughts on Sony and Nintendo presentations

Sony had their presentation Monday night, but I was feeling too bad to do anything but watch and take notes. Overall, they didn’t show what I most wanted to see, and there wasn’t anything that got me too excited. I had wanted to see a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, Ni No Kuni 2 or The Last of Us 2, though I guess I should be thankful I didn’t see the latter in case of spoilers (I’m still playing the first game).

They showed expansion packs for Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn and while I plan on playing both in the future, expansions don’t interest me on their own, unless included in GOTY editions or have a good deal (for instance, I did buy both Witcher 3 expansions, because they were loaded with content). I’m not at all interested in Days Gone. I’ve tried Monster Hunter in the past (MH4U specifically) and it wasn’t really for me, I find it too difficult. Shadow of the Collosus seems to have made a lot of people happy, but I’ve never played it and still don’t think it’s the game for me personally. Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate though? Yes, though it wasn’t “new” as I knew of it already. The only negative I have on the trailer is that it didn’t really show what kind of game it was. There was a single VR game that I wish wasn’t VR; that game was Moss. It was adorable with the mouse warrior! You’d think I would have read Redwall with how I reacted (note to self: read/listen to the Redwall series already). Detroit Become Human looked interesting (I’m a cyberpunk fan), and Marvel Spiderman was a nice surprise.

Now let’s talk Nintendo! This is what I was most excited about and they did not disappoint! I loved EVERYTHING. So let’s get started!

1. Rocket League is coming to Switch, which is awesome though I haven’t played. This fact might make me change my mind though. It will also have exclusive customizations and cross play with other platforms. I can see this being popular for Switch users.
2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 still has British voice actors! I loved that about Xenoblade Chronicles and will definitely be picking this one up. And yay, there are still Nopons!
3. KIRBY! Not until 2018 but still makes me so happy.
4. METROID PRIME 4. Every fan has already heard about it but hooray for the confirmation, I hope we get actual footage in a future direct or next E3!
5. YOSHI! He’s felted this time, in a cardboard diorama world. The crafty geek in me loves this as much as I loved Yoshi’s Wooly World.
6. Fire Emblem Warriors makes me think I really need to start Hyrule Warriors this weekend.
7. I’m not really planning on buying DLCs for Breath of the Wild, but maybe if there’s a sale or something. There’s so much to do without and I’m nowhere near finished so it’s no rush for me.
8. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has me sold, even if rabbids are annoying. I like everything I’ve seen.
9. Super Mario Odyssey. Does anything need to be said? I NEED a Switch before it comes out, come on Nintendo, make them more available!

These were announced after the Direct, but nevertheless I’m going to buy both. Metroid Samus Returns is a gorgeous 2D Metroid remake of the 2nd game, but more than just a remake. And the Metroid amiibo is perfect, hope I can get my hands on it. The other game is Mario And Luigi Superstar Saga remake + Bowser’s Minions.

Overall, Nintendo did awesome this E3, while the others were sort of lackluster in comparison. The future of gaming is bright and I have WAY too many games to play already but I don’t care. What was your favorite thing about this E3? Did you watch any of the tournaments?

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